The Group

In these recent years, every construction business has wondered if we would ever go back to the way we were merely 6 years ago.

I was fortunate enough to spend a few years working in my profession in Germany, thinking that perhaps I could learn something from the Germans, and I even considered moving permanently to do business there.

I soon realised this would not be the best decision, since I would leave behind me a country with huge potential and a promising future.

Spain’s future rely, primarily, on a high-performance business fabric, thus being necessary to address big challenges and work with great human teams. Today I would like to introduce you to the Germania Ibérica business group, a corporate group which I have the pleasure of managing. For this big challenge, I am fortunate enough to rely on a team of professionals that support a group that understands the sector’s needs.

Germania Ibérica is a group, which influences encompasses the better of two great countries: Germany and Spain.

Oliver Lange: Manager of Germania Iberica Group